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Welcome to Lotsaparts II, an automated internet auction containing over 23,000 brand new Lego pieces. This auction is being run from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA by Marcia and Naji Norder.

Important Dates:
    Auction Begins: 08/09/99
Advancements Begin: 08/19/99
      Auction Ends: 09/07/99

Before bidding, you must read THE RULES.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

About the Auction Software
Lots With No Bids

The Categories

1. Rectangular Bricks - 1x     in 10 colours.
2. Rectangular Bricks - 2x     including silver bricks!
3. Other Bricks     
4. Rectangular Plates - 1x and 2x     in 14 colours!
5. Rectangular Plates - 4x and 6x     
6. Other Plates     
7. Baseplates and Large Bricks     
8. Columns     a.k.a. tall bricks.
9. Arches     
10. Slopes     
11. Tiles     over 700!
12. Windows and Doors     
13. Panels, BURPs, and Domes     plus castle battlements
14. Minifigs     
15. Minifig Accessories     
16. Containers     including cauldrons.
17. Plants     it ain't easy bein' green...
18. Animals     assorted vermin n' varmints.
19. Hinges and Turntables     
20. Antennae, Bars, Fences, and Ladders     
21. Space Components     
22. Vehicle Parts     
23. Technic     
24. Miscellaneous     chains, cannons, stickers, and more!
25. Complete Sets     new in box!